In a world where everyone has their own ideas about what to believe in and how to express that belief, it's not hard to imagine how disagreements can spring up between people. For some, there is no way to believe in magic, gods, religion or miracles. For others there is no argument that any or some of these things exist. For most people, it would surprise them to know that they have a choice in the matter, but every choice comes with a set of rules. The creators of the universe were actually pretty bad at communicating some of these rules, but you can't tell them that...

Of course, no one likes to admit their mistakes. Especially not anything that has any kind of ultimate cosmic power. So they created a failsafe. A reset button. A demigod known as the world eater, more colloquially known to friends, colleagues and the staff at your local McDonald's as Darren. And to a few very frustrated world intelligence agencies as the master hacker Cypher D...and while it is his job to destroy the world, he also believes that humanity is something that can be saved.


One of the projects I intended to do on this website and part of the reason that it is 'since 1998' over there on the title screen is that I have dug up a few of those old stories, the shorter of which I intend to rewrite for this site, in the style they were originally intended, with a much more informed nod to Poe, Night Gallery and the Twilight Zone.


As anyone who knows me is well aware, I am an avid cook. I intend to revive my cooking blog - and with pictures this time. When I'm not writing, or stressing about writing or at work...I'm likely cooking.  And as a former student, this was also how I coped with deadline frustrations, days when my best wasn't good enough and also the student budget.