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If, for some strange reason, you feel like using any of these pictures, please contact me!

Here's some more concept work on the Captain.  I did this while waiting for the bus to take me to the airport to go home for Christmas.  Awwww, how sweeet.

This is Teatime (teh-ah-tim-eh) from The Hogfather.  Very cartoony.  This was on my cartoony day.  It actually looks like someone in my class, but it wasn't supposed to.  He (Teatime, not the guy in my class) has one white, pupil-less glass eye, and his "normal" eye has a pinpoint pupil.  He also has no qualms about killing people, anyone, who gets in his way, mispronounces his name, or even for whom he has no use anymore.

This is a value sketch I did of my final layout in layout class.  I'm rather proud of it, especially since it is a vast improvement over the version I did a couple months before.

And this is, I think, my favourite drawing that I've ever done, period.  This is supposed to be Masklin from The Bromeliad (more info here), weighed down by the stresses of leading a mass of quarrelsome nomes, wondering the truth about Arnold Bros (est.1905), trying to survive in the Outside, etc.  Even though the Thing (the cube he's sitting on) is far larger than it should be, and the shading's kind of wonky, and the foot on the pistachio shell looks a bit weightless, I really like this drawing.


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