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I haven't been drawing much Harry Potter stuff recently, mostly because I haven't had any time to read the books and be inspired, but also because I've been rather turned off by all the publicity, the movie, and the market saturation.  It's not as fun anymore.  So I'm putting up some non-Harry pictures as well,  to satisfy those of you who would like to see more of my artwork than the dozen or so HP things I've drawn since last May.  

Over the summer my sketchbook had an unfortunate encounter with my water bottle, so the dark bands you may see across the pictures sometimes are the shadows of the wrinkles that showed up when I scanned them.

All but one of these pictures are from books by Terry Pratchett, a really great author who you might be familiar with, and if you're not, I highly recommend you become so.  Really cool books.  He's written the Discworld series, the Johnny Maxwell trilogy, The Bromeliad (which is going to be made into a movie by the same people who did Shrek, at Dreamworks PDI), and countless other books which are ALL very good.

Here's Albert, Death's servant/assistant/secretary/cook type guy.  Oooh, ahhh.  I can tell you're enraptured.

This is Bilius, the God of Hangovers.  I was going for a very cartoony style.  This isn't quite how I picture him, but it's an interesting design anyway.

Here's Brutha the Novice with the Great God Om (that's him, the turtle).  Brutha looks a bit younger than he's supposed to, I'm still trying to reconcile the description of his wide, innocent face with the fact that he's supposed to be 17 or so.

Here are Angua and Carrot of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.  Carrot is, in this picture, from Jingo, what with the soccer ball and the street kids.  For the uninitiated, Carrot is a dwarf a six-foot, red-haired dwarf by adoption.  Angua is a werewolf.  They're as close as it comes to a realistically romantic couple in the Discworld series, but that's not why I drew them.  I drew them 'cause they're cool, and they were sitting in my head, waiting.

Someone said this looks like a hobbit, but as much as I love Lord of the Rings, it's not, it's just someone who was living in my head and decided to come out.  I don't know why, but there's something about this drawing that I really like.  There are things wrong with it, like the fact that the eyes are not on the same line, but I like the way he looks like he has a cold or something.

Here's another shot at Bilius, I like this face better.  It's a neato face.  It's also not quite my style, more the style of the super genius I sat next to in class, but I like it, so it stays.

Here's The Captain, from Only You Can Save Mankind, the first book of the Johnny Maxwell trilogy, which I highly recommend you read immediately.  If you're trying to place her species, don't bother.  She's an alien, a ScreeWee, from a video game.  Any resemblance to Randall from Monsters Inc. is purely coincidental, I went straight from the description in the book.  Actually I left out the crest on this one, but it's in a later one.

Here's Susan, Death's granddaughter, ready to do business with the monster in the basement.

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