A family full of characters. Literally and figuratively.
Here you'll find everyone who isn't Ron, who has his own page.

The Burrow - Home base. No human characters shown, but it's part of the family nonetheless.
Ginny - The youngest and the only girl. Poor thing.
Ginny with her Diary - Watch what you're doing there, girly.
Ginny, Afflicted - Harry tries to wake Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets
Ginny, Mortified - I'm sure when she wrote it she didn't intend her Valentine to be sung by a surly dwarf in a crowded hallway.
The Twins - For being souch troublemakers, they seem to be everyone's favourite.
Fred and George Goof Off - This is why they get their own room.
One of the Two - I played around a bit with their design.
Fred and George, Awed - Sooner or later, they're going to find out that Lupin was one of their beloved Marauders. This may happen then.
Molly - The Weasley Wrangler. What a job.
Mr. and Mrs. - A great couple, really.
¤ Weasley vs Malfoy - Showdown in the bookshop! (from Chamber of Secrets)
Percy - Possibly the most complicated and definitely the most annoying Weasley.
Percy in Conference - Percy feels important enough to be in on Snape and Dumbledore's conversation ... Snape doesn't agree.
Percy in Conference II - Another take on the above scene, this time featuring Harry eavesdropping in a newer (better) drawing.
Percy, Disbelieving - Sirius Black didn't really get in the dormitory ... Ron's just hallucinating.
Bill and Fleur - Fleur seems not to mind the earring or long hair at all.
Bill Meets Sirius - An imagined scene ... having no prior acquaintance, Bill chooses to remark upon the one thing they have in common: 'Hey, nice hair!'
Swashbuckling Bill - I believe at one point, Bill's appearance is described as 'swashbuckling' – there's only one way to interpret that.
Arthur's Invalid Christmas - I'm pretty sure he doesn't get a remote-controlled car in the book, but I thought he might like one.



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