So You Want to Use My Pictures . . . 



If you want to put them on your webpage, please email me with the address of your page or, if it's still under construction, the future content of it and planned URL.  I've given permission to almost everyone who's mailed me so far though if your page has ANY pornography of any kind, slash or non-slash, written or drawn, you absolutely do not have my permission.


If you want to print them out, save them on your hard drive, show them to your friends, decorate your locker, trace them, colour them, put them in a scrapbook, or use them for any other personal purpose, be my guest.  That's why I refuse to put anti-picture-grabbing code on my page, because I don't want to stop honest people from enjoying them.  


If you want to use them for a book report, art project, or any other school assignment, please make sure your teacher knows the pictures you're using are from the internet.  I can't guarantee I'll write back to you in time to give you personal permission before your project is due, so just go ahead and use them.

If you wish to use my pictures to embellish worksheets or lessons of any sort, please go ahead and do that.  Same as above, I can't guarantee a quick enough response for your deadlines.  

I am curious, though, how my pictures make it around the world, so if you feel like dropping a line to say where you are and how you're using them, I'd appreciate that very much.


If you want to link to me, please make your link lead to my index page ( rather than this art page.  I'm afraid I don't have a banner, but if you want to make one you're perfectly welcome.

If your desired use does not fall into any of these categories, please email me.


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