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¤ August 2008

Prof. Quirrell

None of these pictures are quite how I imagine him, because from the very beginning I thought he should be played by Lee Ingleby, the actor who ended up playing Stan Shunpike. At the time I drew these, I was no good at caricature, and also had no readily accessible reference, so I made do.
¤ Tabloid Quirrell - Drew this for a contest at The Enchanted Paintbrush. He looks a bit like Lupin's younger brother here, but ... it was fun. Poor guy needs a break anyway.
Troll in the Dungeons! - A little faked adrenaline can work wonders.
The Power of Luuurv - Quirrell recoils in pain from Harry who seems, somehow, to scorch him terribly. (old, boring design)
Portrait - I came up with this design while in line at one of those Chinese buffet places. It was quite fun to draw, and probably the reason Quirrell has so many pictures, for such a minor character.
Adjusting the Turban - My, how Voldemort chafes.
Evil Snap -
Here's Quirrell summoning the cords that bind Harry.  I like the motion in this picture; I can almost see it moving.


Prof. Sybil Trelawney

The Mystic Herself
- Trelawney was one of the first characters whose design I really tried to push. Heavy Prince of Egypt influences.
Tragedy in a Teacup - What a woeful future Harry has, haunted by soggy tea leaves.
The Thirteenth Diner - Trelawney joins Christmas dinner with great reluctance.


Rubeus Hagrid

- He's a teacher for some of the time ...
Bear Hug - .. though he has an alcoholic streak we haven't seen in any of the other teachers. Here he thanks Ron and Harry for their assistance in Buckbeak's case.
¤ Bedside Reading - Hagrid says he's been reading to Aragog as he wastes away ... but he doesn't tell Harry what he was reading.
Dragon Egg - Oh, Hagrid, you and your lapse of judgement.
Setting Off - Hagrid and Harry leave the island, and Harry begins his adventure.
¤ Hagrid Totoro - Hagrid 'beams down' at Harry when he meets him, which brought to mind another famous smile..



¤ My Little Lads - 'You are my little lads, and I will look after you!' (from Monstrous Regiment). The Slug Club, with attendees taken from both the Hogwarts Express and Christmas incarnations of the organization. Another drawing, another Hermione design, and Blaise looks a bit like the saucié in Ratatouille but we'll pretend not to notice that ...
Professor Slughorn - Likely stolen from a project I was working on with a friend which had a character that looked very similar. Sluggy's fatter, though ...
Professor Flitwick - His hat is taller than he is. It just seemed right that way.
Flitwick's Lesson - Teaching the doors to recognise Sirius Black.
Madam Pomfrey - Okay, she's not exactly a teacher (unless she teaches Magical First Aid or something) but she's an authority figure at Hogwarts, so here you go. She's dispensing chocolate here.
Umbridge - One of my tries at capturing the Wicked Nasty. I swear I know someone who looks like this but I don't remember who.
Umbridge again - Another shot.
Professor Sprout - Every time I read the description of her flyaway hair, I want to draw her, but this is the closest I've come to success.

Gilderoy Lockhart - What a git.
¤ Lockhart II - Even gittier.
The Dueling Club - Lockhart and his begrudging 'partner.'

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