Usually they're just background, but occasionally they get to say something. Here you can find everyone I've drawn who doesn't get a page of his/her own.
Neville Longbottom

Neville Experiments - Trying to settle on a new look. I've never been really happy with my Neville. It's hard for me to make a chubby, innocent character look older than six.
More Experiments - These date from 2004. Have another. And another. And one more.
In His Bunny Suit - Neville has fluffy slippers. My mental image went like this: fluffy slippers = bunny slippers ... + pyjamas = bunny pyjamas
Vampire/Garlic Quandary - 'I mean, do they have to eat it, or...?'
Explaining his Boggart - Neville confesses his deepest fear to Lupin
Orange, Longbottom - Neville is addressed by that deepest fear

Cho Chang

- She's so dreeeeamy. (At least, Harry thinks so. For a while.)
In Flight - Cho spots something on the ground below.
Redesigned - Now that I know more about drawing and Asian facial structure...


Dean Thomas - 'Good with a quill,' which makes me like him.
Angelina Johnson - Her face swam into my head one night, and I think she turned out rather pretty.
Luna Lovegood - She actually looks a lot like a friend of my sister.
Luna's Big, Big Eyes - A gag sketch exaggerating the feature.
¤ Luna Again - Slightly newer, slightly different...
Crabbe and Goyle - Really it's all about Malfoy, but they're in this picture too.
The [legitimate] Triwizard Champions - Fleur Delacoeur, Viktor Krum, and Cedric Diggory (who looks a bit pale).
Fleur Meets Bill - ... and doesn't mind his long hair at all.
Oliver Wood - Lookin' all handsome with his broom and jockish jockiness.
Lee Jordan - announcer of Hogwarts's Quidditch games and owner of a badly-drawn giant tarantula!  If you're about to reprimand me on how much he looks like a young Tarzan ... I know that already.  That's just how I picture him.
¤ Romilda Vane - I had completely forgotten she existed until someone requested a drawing of her. I found her description and whipped this off...


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