a.k.a. Sorcerer's Stone in the U.S. ...for some reason...

¤ August 2008



¤ Questioning the Scar - Ickle Harry ponders his scar in the bathroom mirror.
Harry Frying Bacon - for Dudley's birthday breakfast. I was struck by how ordinary Harry's world was at the beginning of the first book ... you kind of forget that as the series goes on.
Budding Parseltongue - ... but of course we don't know that when he's talking to the boa at the zoo.
I want my letter! - Harry demands his letter back from Uncle Vernon – one of my very first Potter drawings and still one of my fa
The Dursleys - ... faced with an angry, magical giant.
Setting Off - Hagrid and Harry leave the island, and Harry begins his adventure. Oh, if he only knew what was in store...
Malfoy Gets Robed - At Madam Malkin's in Diagon Alley, Malfoy imparts some 'wisdom' to Harry.
¤ Muggle Food - Harry and Hagrid eat burgers at the station.
Hagrid's Precious - Oh Hagrid, you shouldn't love that egg so much.
Norbert - A baby dragon, how adorable! What could possibly go wrong?
Troll in the dungeons! - Quirrell raises the alarm
The Troll - that was in the dungeons. And then the bathroom.
Troublesome Turban - Quirrell adjusts his turban after a certain argument overheard by Harry.
Mirror of Erised - Harry tries to get closer to his parents (inspired more by the soundtrack to the movie than by an actual part of the book)
Checkmate - Ron's view of the white chess queen who knocks him out in the chess test.
Snap - Quirrell spins around from the mirror and snaps to call up bindings for Harry.
Ow, my hands! - So it turns out Quirrell can't touch Harry ... hmm, that's useful. (I learned after drawing this that Harry's supposed to be in his robes, not pyjamas, but it's too late now. Oh, and this is an earlier version of Quirrell.)


Aunt Petunia
- The picture on the left is supposed to be her looking artificially sweet while feeding baby Dudley, but she ended up just looking pretty.
Uncle Vernon - He looks so ... friendly.
Crossover Quirrell - Quirrell gets hold of the Stone ... Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for such a small thing? Such a little thing... Gratuitous Tolkien crossover, but it was crying out to be done.
Hagrid Totoro - There is a point at which Hagrid smiles down at Harry with a wide grin ... Somehow what came into my mind was Totoro's smile. It fits, oddly enough.
Lee Jordan - The mention of his dreadlocks put me in mind of young Tarzan, and I have never quite been able to shake that image. Fear the horribly-drawn tarantula!


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