If only he had as much fame, as much money, and as many drawings as Harry...


Ron the Hero - After leaping into a freezing cold forest pond he is justifiably miffed at Harry.


 Ron at 16 - Actually turned out pretty well, summing up the awkward jerky nature of most teenage boys.


New Ron
- Before I started the Azkaban Project, I fiddled around with redesigning the characters again. Immediately after drawing this one I pushed it into:
Newer Ron - who is much more appealing and Ron-like. He also looks more his age.
RIP, Nimbus 2000 - Ron and Hermione bring Harry the sad remains of his faithful broom.
Grounded - Ron called Professor McGonagall a lot of names that greatly annoyed Hermione; Hermione assumed an "all-for-the-best" expression that made Ron even angrier, and Harry had to endure everyone in class talking loudly and happily about what they were going to do first, once they got into Hogsmeade.
Christmas Present - And what to their wondering eyes did appear, but a brand new Firebolt, which brought them great cheer.
After Quidditch Practise - This is the first in a long line of pictures that looked far better in the thumbnail version.  This is supposed to be Harry and Ron walking away from the Quidditch practice with the Firebolt.
Surprise Hug - Hermione ambushes Ron with a hug .. I don't quite remember the context for this but I know it's in the third book somewhere.
Ronchalant - "Very haunted up here, isn't it?" said Ron, with the air of one commenting on the weather.
The Bloody Sheet - From the jocular to the anguished - Ron discovers the alleged death of his dear faithful companion Scabbers.
The Bloody Sheet II - Ron confronts Hermione about the evidence of Crookshanks's malfeasance.
Ron Freaks Out- IT WASN'T A NIGHTMARE!  PROFESSOR, I WOKE UP, AND SIRIUS BLACK WAS STANDING OVER ME, HOLDING A KNIFE!" Just about the only thing I like about this picture is Ron's left hand (our right) - and I'm not even sure it works in this context.
Broken Leg - "He's the dog... he's an Animagus..."   I'm sure Ron's foot is supposed to be at a much odder angle than this, but ... too late.
Harry Restrained - Harry reacts to seeing Sirius boy, it's a good thing Ron and Hermione are there, otherwise Harry would be going totally berserk!
Ron and Pettigrew -  ...Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.  "I let you sleep in my bed!" he said.  Eeeew.
Full Moon - Uh oh, looks like somebody's chained to a werewolf ...
Pettigrew's Escape - Okay, so it's just Ron's hand, but ... it counts.
An Unfortunate Halloween - Harry & Co. suffer an identity crisis. Ron, as usual, gets the short end of the deal.


Ron, Baffled
- I seem to remember drawing this more for the expression than any particular scene.


Cartoony Ron (and Harry)
- One day I decided to draw some Potter characters in a softer, more cartoony style. The results are interesting, but not something I'm sticking with.
The Trio - After completing animation school and relishing my newly swollen drawing skills, I set about sprucing up my Potter characters. Harry and Ron turned out pretty well here, but once again Hermione misses the mark.
Ron Design 2 - A second expression sheet, using the newer design.

2001 and before

- Ron reacts to the sight of giant spiders.
Bear Hug - Ron and Harry suffer the side effects of Hagrid's gratitude for their help with Buckbeak's case
Clueless - Why does Hermione carry so many books? And why does she act like she knows something blatantly obvious about Lupin?
The Door - Poor Ron, suffering with a broken leg while everyone's attention is drawn away by the mysteriously opening door in the Shrieking Shack.
Meeting in the Woods - Who better to run into on a tumultuous night in a dark forest after the Quidditch World Cup than Draco Malfoy, especially when you've just tripped?
Honeydukes - Harry appears out of what had previously been thought to be thin air just to tell Ron that no, he'd rather not have any novelty candy.
A Reprimand - Hermione tells off Ron for maligning her beloved Crookshanks. This was drawn more as an illustration of my mood at the time than any particular scene.
Trouble With Divination - Ron encounters substantial interference with the signal from the future (provided there is one).
Ron's Expressions - A good way to explore and refine a character design is to put it through its paces ... Here's a page of expressions for Ron. (I particularly like the one where his wand has backfired...there are slugs in his future.)
Ron Speaks To His Shoe - Read the description in Chamber of Secrets for how Ron greets Malfoy in Flourish and Blotts, and you'll understand this picture.  If anyone can.
Oh, Hermione - Ron is right on the money (if not literally) with his assessment of Lockhart, even though Hermione seems rather giddy over his signature.  That's right, Ron.  Roll your eyes.  But she's not going to catch on.
Purple Bubbles - Ron's wand malfunctions. This is the second drawing of Ron I ever did. I'm not quite sure what's happened to the first.

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