This book didn't stimulate my visual imagination as much as the others (this is a dimploamtic way of saying 'I didn't like it much') so there are fewer pictures.

¤ August 2008


¤ Lucius is Eeeevil - Drawn in reaction to that shot in the movie. There is no Lucius but Makani's Lucius! I did this one with no reference at all, so it's probably way off... and, obviously, the mouth is all curly ...
Petunia's Howler - Uh oh, someone's earned the displeasure of Dumbledore.
Sirius and the Curtain
- No, not that curtain – he's grappling with the drapes over his mother. I was surprised, when I drew this, how everything I've learned over the previous three years of school and work completely went out the window as soon as I drew a Harry Potter scene I immediately reverted to how I drew in high school.
I See You've Met My Mother - Sirius wryly welcomes his guests to his home.
The Cleaning Lady - Sirius, doing what he seems to do for most of the book: clean house.  He's all done up in housecleaning gear and not very happy about it.
Tonks - It's amazing how, for a character who can and does completely change her appearance at will, everyone has pretty much the same mental image of Tonks.
Luna Lovegood - And Luna Lovegood, with her big round eyes . . . after I drew this I looked back at it and thought it looked startlingly like one of my sister's friends.  Oh well, that's how I picture her.
Luna Exaggerated - This is a gag sketch of Luna, exaggerating her big round eyes... Big!  Round!  Eyes!
Dolores Umbridge - Here is everyone's least favourite new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher being as froglike as I could make her.  I know she's supposed to have some ridiculous bow in her hair or something but I couldn't bear to draw it.
More Umbridge - Another try. I think I know someone who looks like this.
Kingsley Shacklebolt - If you take Cobra Bubbles from Lilo and Stitch and Teal-c from Stargate SG-1, you get how I picture Kingsley.
On the Sidelines - Had Order of the Phoenix been a movie, this is how Lupin would have spent most of his time.
Arthur's Christmas - I don't remember if he actually got a remote-control car, but it seemed like something he'd like.
Lucius Malfoy - At some point someone walks past Mr Malfoy at the Ministry, and he looks at them over his shoulder. This was inspired by that.
¤ Remus Reading - Young Lupin tries to ignore James and Sirius bullying Snape by concentrating on his book.
Lily Yells - The flashback to Snape'
s Worst Memory piqued my visual interest more than anything else in the book but I still have not yet drawn much from it, besides this sketch of Lily telling off James.
The Order's Emblem - someone asked that I design a logo for the Order of the Phoenix. I suspect I'm stealing this from Hellboy but it looked okay and it's vaguely Phoenixy so here it is.
Unlocked - Dumbledore figures out what went wrong with Harry's head.
Escape Plan - [SPOILER!] This is an illustration of a funny scenario my sister and I came up with. Sirius goes through the veil thingy, right?  Well, what if, on the other side, is this whole world full of people who have gone beyond the veil in a more metaphorical fa
shion.  Who would he seek out but his best friend James?  It wouldn't be long before they plotted some way to escape.  That reminded me of that scene in El Dorado where Miguel and Tulio are trying to get out of the brig.  Automatically that led to picturing James and Sirius in the same scene, except they'd have limited material for their escape.  However, they would have eternity on their side, so here is Sirius proposing the following scenario:
"So we've got roughly forever, right?"
"So: we grow our hair out really long."
"And make rope!"
"Out of our hair."
"Of course!"
"Hmm... Well, I like the idea."
Just for the record, we came up with this before seeing Pirates of the Carribean which also has a joke about escaping using a rope made of human hair.  When that gag was said in the theatre, we both cracked up far more than was called for.



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