The Harry Potter books have an extensive supporting cast, and sometimes they make it into my sketchbook.
On this page you'll find those who are neither teacher nor student.

¤ August 2008

The Leftovers

- It's amazing that, for a character who can and does completely change her appearance at will, everyone's image of Tonks is remarkably similar.
¤ Tonks and Lupin Eat Cake - Innit cute. He looks less than convinced.
Kingsley Shacklebolt - Yeah, he looks like a combination of Cobra Bubbles and Teal-c, but that's how I see him in my head.
Lucius Malfoy - The strongest effect the movies had on me was to completely erase my image of Malfoy's dad and cast Haldir in his place. I know it's not the same actor, but the hair made an impression. Finally I managed to shake it and came up with this little sketch.
Bellatrix Lestrange - It's a gag sketch, but this is more or less how I see her, at least before Azkaban worked its magic.
Argus Filch - Not at all how I picture him. He's holding Mrs Norris, who is not at all how I picture her.
Nearly Headless Nick - The long-suffering Gryffindor ghost. This drawing is remarkably sophisticated for how old it is.
Frank Bryce - The gardener of the Riddle house. Well, I tried. For a list of all the things horribly wrong with this picture, see the Goblet of Fire section.
Walden McNair - [Animal] Executioner for the Ministry and also, it would appear, a dapper gentleman from the 20s. Hey, ask my imaginaton, not me.
Vernon Dursley - With emphasis on the moustache.
Petunia Dursley - She's supposed to look 'horse-like' but the best I could manage was vaguely stringy.
The Dursley Family - Under seige by a scary giant with a pink umbrella in the hut on the island.
Nearly Headless Nick - Or, officially, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.  Really, with the date he was supposed to have died, he shouldn't be wearing that collar, but that's what it says in the book.... 

Merope Gaunt - Gee, you'd think I liked Brett Helquist's art or something. I'm not sure her face is 'heavy' enough, but she's got the frazzled, desperate look I was going for. Her far hand is supposed to be on something but it's too high for a sink or counter ... any lower, though, and it would mess up the action line, so I don't know what to do with it.
Morfin Gaunt - I realised while drawing this that I had cast Deagol as Morfin. Um.

Harry and Scrimgeour - I was so pleased with my earlier design for the Leonid man described on Ms Rowling's site that I was disappointed when he had a small and two-dimensional role. Oh well.
¤ Rea's Fenrir - There was a rumour for a while that Stephen Rea might play Fenrir Greyback in the movie. I'd only seen him play burdened, reserved characters with a hangdog expression so I thought this was how he might approach the role ... 'Grr.'
¤ Bathilda Bagshot - She was surprisingly easy to draw.
¤ Regulus - Forget Percy, Regulus is the family David Hyde Pierce.
¤ Contemplating the Mark - An imagined scene in which Regulus comes home from getting his Dark Mark and contemplates it for a while. I know it's on the wrong arm; I could flop the image but ... meh. Looks good this way.
¤ Kung-Fu Grandma - Neville's Gran kicks random Death Eater butt! Or face, in this case!
¤ Lucius is Eeeevil - Drawn in reaction to that shot in the movie. There is no Lucius but Makani's Lucius! I did this one with no reference at all, so it's probably way off... and, obviously, the mouth is all curly ...

The Old Gang

Lupin and Sirius get their own pages but there are characters from that era who have a few pictures of their own...

¤ James and Lily Take Cover - Drawn on a day when the town was beset with helicopters (never did find out why). I guess they're on some sort of Aurors' mission gone bad? I'm terrible at drawing beautiful women so I tried using my sister's Lily design, but it lost somethign in translation...
¤ Lily Yells at James - Like it says on the tin.
¤ Chillin' - James and Sirius hanging out ... or something ... back in the day.
Pitch Black - When one's name is a real word, one is vulnerable to visual puns... and all the gang joins in.
Confronting Lupin - James and Sirius find out what Lupin is and ... ask him about it.
Escape Plan - James and Sirius cook up a breakout. See the bottom of Sirius's page for the whole story.
Wedding Photo - James and Lily's. I've never been quite happy with it but attempts to make a new one have failed.
Lily Evans/Potter - A couple attempts at Harry's mum ... I never seem to get her right, probably because I'm so concerned to make her eyes look like Harry's.
Peter Pettigrew - All grown up, now, and resurrecting Dark Lords.
Peter Begs For Mercy - But he's asking the wrong crowd.
... and Begs Again - Definitely don't ask Harry.
... and Again - To which Ron relies in disgust, "I let you sleep in my bed!"
Full Moon - Peter finds himself chained to a werewolf. Uh-oh.
That Traitorous Pizza - One day, my sister was reading from the third book with a very affected British accent. When she said 'Peter' it sounded like 'pizza' so this is what happened ... A jolly pizza sauntering away from the wreckage of the Potters' house.
The Marauders' Photo Album - There are more pictures of them in here.

Creatures &c

¤ Bedside Reading - Hagrid says he's been reading to Aragog as he wastes away ... but he doesn't tell Harry what he was reading.
Fawkes - Dumbledore's faithful and very convenient pet.
Grindylow - I think this is one of my best-executed drawings.
Buckbeak - He has always looked very boring in my mind but at least his legs bend the right way. (That drove me crazy in the movie.)
Buckbeak's Dinner - Munching ferrets on Hagrid's bed. Mmm.
Buckbeak 2004 - Drawn just prior to the movie: more drawing skill, same lack of creativity.
Bowing to Buckbeak - Harry makes his obeisance and hopes Buckbeak does not pith him.
Buckbeak Strains for Freedom - It should be a rope, I know. I got carried away.
Rescuing Sirius - If he pulls up alongside the building as described in the book, he wouldn't have any room to flap. I tried to reposition him here but he's still too close.
Banshee - Or, rather, Seamus's boggart.
The Chess Queen - She does Ron in during the chess segment of the tests to get at the Philosopher's Stone. The description of her blank face turning towards him has always been vivid in my mind.
Dobby - He may be the Jar Jar Binks of the Potterverse but I drew him anyway.
Winky - Almost as annoying as Dobby. I fear she doesn't look very feminine but maybe house elves have a different take on such things.
A Troll - Rather unimpressive, but there you have it.
Norbert - Hagrid's beloved bundle of terror joy. I've gotten much better at drawing dragons since then, thanks to working on a movie about them.
Dementor - The most recent. Inspired, at the time, by the trailer for the third movie, I ratted up the fabric of the cloak a lot, as it should have been all along.
Dementor Unhooded - This drawing serves as proof that actually seeing the thing can be a lot less scary than getting a hint of it and letting your imagination to the scary work.
Surrounding Sirius - Feeding frenzy!
Dementor Dancing - Harry wonders how you make a Dementor less frightening ... like this, of course!
Dementor I - Drawn back when I had a bit less imagination.
Crookshanks - Some early attempts at him. I have a hard time picturing him as a Persian, to me he's big burly ginger tom who happens to have a squashed (but not totally squashed) nose.
Sirius's Feline Shield - Could it be he knows something we don't?
Crookshanks Leads the Way - It's just his tail, but it's enough to lure Harry into the Willow's tunnel.


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