I can see Moody so clearly in my head that he's hard to approximate on paper. Because I see him so clearly I think I must have cast him with some actor in mind ... I think he might be Michael Caine.


¤ August 2008

¤ Moody's Eye - Assuming it's one of those not-actually-canon things that I was so sure about, like Snape's beard or his hair being slicked back or who knows what else, I was trying to think where I got the idea of Moody's eye being so fantastically huge, and came up with a theory: There was a Prairie Home Companion which had a story about a man who accidentally killed his father at a softball game by hitting the softball right at his eye. He fled from town but returned quite a few years later and anonymously left on his father's grave a paper bag containing a softball painted as a bright, staring blue eye. Moody's eye isn't quite softball-sized but I'm sure that story wormed its way far enough into my subconscious that when a description was thrown up calling for a large staring blue eye, that softball was ready it take its place.
¤ Moody at the Beach - What a joyous seaside holiday! I don't know what possessed me to draw this ... Apologies for any scarring it might have caused. As for his missing wooden leg: ummm, he's wearing his magically realistic prosthetic, so as not to further scare young children. Yes. It was transfigured to look like a normal leg using magic. Which he can do. Or else it's proof of the curative seaside air.
¤ Magic Eye! - A short comic regarding the magic powers of Moody's eye
Early Moodys - These are little attempts that I really, really didn't like, which I did in very light blue and didn't even bother to black in which is why the quality of the scan is so low; I had to drag the contrast way up.
Another - Try, try again...
Slightly Cartoony - I wasn't crazy about this on
e either, it's a bit too cartoony and just not right.  Plus the mouth is wrong... 
And Again - Drawn, judging by the style, just before starting college.
And Again, Again - This Moody actually looks a bit like one of my former CCD teachers.  Totally unintentional!
Windswept Entrance - Every time I feel my drawing skills have improved, I try Moody again, just to see if he'll work this time around.
Side Sketch - This is one of the few Pottery sketches I have done at work... just on the side, you understand. This one was from my Silverwing days.
The Best Yet - ... though I forgot about the mouth being a 'diagonal slash.' Such an inconvenient description.


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