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¤ Dr Severus Horrible - Drawn for FictionAlley's 2010 April Fools' Day; I don't know if it actually turned up on the site or not. Would teenage Snape having a video blog be awesome or horrible? Or perhaps both?
¤ Gitwizard - If you are a listener of The Now Show and remember Marcus Brigstocke's rants about David Blaine, you may get this.
¤ Rea's Fenrir - There was a rumour for a while that Stephen Rea might play Fenrir Greyback in the movie. I'd only seen him play burdened, reserved characters with a hangdog expression so I thought this was how he might approach the role ... 'Grr.'
¤ Magic Eye! - A short comic regarding the magic powers of Moody's eye
¤ He Can Fly! - The inevitable gag sketch regarding Voldemort's hitherto unknown powers.
¤ Hermione's Response to Everything - In times of crisis, the most well-rehearsed reflexes kick in. How many times has Hermione said this in the series?
¤ BatSnape - Ms Rowling kept describing Snape as 'an overgrown bat.' I have a problem with this description because I know what bats look like – roughly like this. Snape's long, lean, dour image does not jive with bathood. So I drew what Snape would look like if he did actually resemble a bat. (I got a little sidreacked and first ended up drawing a bat that looked like Snape...)
¤ The Penetrating Gaze - 'If you truly wish to master Legilimency, Severus,' said Dumbledore, 'You must learn to conceal your really quite obvious "tell"...'
¤The Purty Flower - I wanted to draw a pose with Snape's robes billowing but I gave up on the thumbnails pretty quickly and settled for ridiculously overblown cliché... Then I noticed he looked like a flower.
¤Crucio Time - This was drawn in response to a comment someone left on my blog, but I can't find it now, so I suppose its context is lost to the ages...
¤Bedside Reading - Hagrid says he's been reading to Aragog as he wastes away ... but he doesn't tell Harry what he was reading.
¤More Christmas Fun - Oh Snape, give Harry back his present!

¤Life of Crime - The trio go bad. Drawn as a silly sketch to fill up the sketchbook one year.

¤Black Hat - Drawn in response to a friend's comment, re: her post-DH Snape story/comic, that Severus and Draco would fit right into a Western.
¤Stylized Blocking - Something about the way the action was described in the 'Spinner's End' chapter of Half-Blood Prince made it look like really stylized classical tragedy in my head.
¤Christmas Cracker - Snape and Draco pull a cracker. Look how much fun they're having!
¤Ooooh, Spooooky - Drawn in reaction to the announcement of the 7th book's title. I can hear the line in my head and I'm pretty sure it's from some BBC radio comedy or other but I can't think what ...
¤Ketchup Harry - Drawn with a skewer stick stylus, out of ketchup. It's not funny, in itself, but it's pretty weird, so I guess it counts as a gag ... Here's a wider view.
¤Emu Snape - Someone wanted a drawing of 'Emo Snape' but it invited a pun I couldn't resist.
Going It Alone - Harry's avowal to fight Voldemort alone and not involve any of his friends, and their subsequent pledge of allegiance to him, reminded me very much of the end of the movie version of Fellowship of the Ring. [line version]
What Makes a Wizard - Early in his magical career, Nathaniel from the Bartimaeus trilogy (a scrawny, dark-haired teenager) spends a night on the street, and the next morning has a head of very messy hair. The connection was inevitable.

The Wrong Trousers - If I had to explain it, it wouldn't be funny.
Peeking - With the Potters' location hidden in a Secret-Keeper, Voldemort could have his nose pressed against their sitting-room window and not see them. (Taking things literally again ... )
Mistaken Identity - Voldemort finds the wrong bespectacled boy – for the whole story, scroll to the bottom of the Snicket Page.
Dementor Ballet - In the third book, Harry wonders how one makes a dementor funny.  My sister and I came up with this one.  His apron says"Kiss the cook!!"
Pizza - My sister was reading the third book with a very affected British accent one day, and I, half-listening, mistook her "Peter" for "Pizza."  So, I had to draw this, Pizza waltzing away from the wreckage of the Potters' house.  The rubber-hose arms and legs just seemed to me a must.
Pitch Black - When you have a last name that's also a real word, the opportunity arises to make weird visual puns. See, Sirius is being pitched ... This was one of those late-night ideas that sound really funny at two in the morning, but the next day you look back and say "What was I thinking?"



The First Harry - This is the first drawing of Harry I ever did (later scanned and coloured, of course.)
Young Harry
-In the spring of 2000 I had the crazy idea to draw Harry as he might have looked before the first book, and it wouldn't leave me alone until I did.
Harry and Hedwig - This was intended to be the new cover image for my page, all pretty and coloured ... but I didn't like how it turned out so it's relegated to the 'miscellaneous' page now.
Quidditch - Harry, doing what he does best... flying his broom ridiculously high in the air and catching small objects. 
Harry's Expressions - Putting a character through a bunch of different expressions is a good way to learn how their face works and work out some potential problems with the design.
Ron's Expressions - These all date from the very beginning of my Potter art career.
Ron's Expressions v.2 - In an attempt to redesign Ron in the summer of 2001, I made a new expression sheet.
Hermione's Expressions - The one with the stack of books and the dreamy expression is from the second book, when she's staring dreamily at Lockhart.  She may have brains but she had a momentary lapse of judgement back then ...

The First Hermione - The first successful one, anyway. I think I may have captured her better then than I have ever since...
Another Hermione - I tried redesigning her when I learned how to draw better but didn't quite hit it.
And Again - a few attempts to make Hermione's design more interesting.  The top one is way too girly.  I like the one on the right the best, probably because she's being herself.
¤ Hermionius Librariati - Hermione in a late-night study session, for a commission once upon a time. Line version is here.
The Trio - This is another one of my redesigning attempts... Ron and Harry I like but Hermione... meh.  
Lily 1 / Lily 2 - I still haven't been able to get a Lily design I like... the major stumbling block is that her eyes have to be he same shape as Harry's it says so in the book and I don't picture her like that. 
Confrontation - This is an imaginary scene where Sirius and James confront Lupin after they find out he's a werewolf.  Sirius is probably saying something like "We know what you are, why didn't you ever tell us?"

Cho Chang Redesigned - Now that I know more about drawing and Asian facial structure...
Cho - She's so dreeeeamy. (At least, Harry thinks so. For a while.)
Dean Thomas - 'Good with a quill,' which makes me like him.
Angelina Johnson - Her face swam into my head one night, and I think she turned out rather pretty.
Luna Lovegood - She actually looks a lot like a friend of my sister.
Luna's Big, Big Eyes - A gag sketch exaggerating the feature.

Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle - The Trio of Evil ... well, objectionability anyway.

Malfoy - Draco Malfoy.
Ginny Weasley - Early on, before she became a babe. I think she looks a bit like my sister here but that could also just be me... 
Percy Weasley - The black sheep of the Weasley Family.
Mrs Weasley - A most capable woman.
Gred and Forge - If you can see them under the incredible amount of jpeg compression ...
Goofing Off - Fred and George ... are themselves. I requently get asked to draw more of these guys, but most of the time what makes them so entertaining is entirely verbal and drawing them talking doesn't accomplish anything.
Sept. 11 - Not so much a specific illustration of Lupin, more how I felt by the time that day was drawing to a close.
Nearly Headless Nick - Or, officially, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.  Really, with the date he was supposed to have died, he shouldn't be wearing that collar, but that's what it says in the book.... 
Vernon Dursley - With emphasis on the moustache.
Petunia Dursley - She's supposed to look 'horse-like' but the best I could manage was vaguely stringy.
Professor Sprout - Every time I read the description of her flyaway hair, I want to draw her, but this is the closest I've come to success.
Beardless Snape - an early, spectacular failure to draw Snape without a beard (he looks a little like an evil, beardless Abraham Lincoln)...
Oliver Wood - Lookin' all handsome with his broom and jockish jockiness.
Lee Jordan - announcer of Hogwarts's Quidditch games and owner of a badly-drawn giant tarantula!  If you're about to reprimand me on how much he looks like a young Tarzan ... I know that already.  That's just how I picture him.
¤ Romilda Vane - I had completely forgotten she existed until someone requested a drawing of her. I found her description and whipped this off...
Hagrid - This is the first drawing I did of Hagrid.  It's on the same page in my sketchbook as Harry pleading for his letter back, if for some odd reason you wanted to know.  I know now that he should be wearing a coat, not a cloak as is drawn here, but I just can't bear to go back and change a picture in a retired sketchbook.
Dangerous Dumbledore - Here I tried to show the other side of Dumbledore: the wizard that Voldemort would fear. No twinkly eyes here.
With a Brim - I hoped that adding a brim to his hat would make him look a little less like Merlin.
Twinkle - Trying to capture Dumbedore's singular spark.
The Headmaster - The first drawing with which I was at all pleased.

Neville Experiments - Trying to settle on a new look. I've never been really happy with my Neville. It's hard for me to make a chubby, innocent character look older than six.
More Experiments - These date from 2004. Have another. And another. And one more.
Sybil Trelawney - Gets all teary-eyed when she looks at Harry.
Argus Filch - Not at all how I picture him, but Mrs Norris isn't completely bad.


The Whomping Willow
- in a moment of relative calm...
Hogwarts Express - The interior of a compartment on the Hogwarts Express.... this is also called Having Too Much Fun With Nice Coloured Pencils.
The Burrow - The Weasley Family estate.


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Escape Plan - This is an illustration of a funny scenario my sister and I came up with. Sirius goes through the veil thingy, right?  Well, what if, on the other side, is this whole world full of people who have gone beyond the veil in a more metaphorical fashion.  Who would he seek out but his best friend James?  It wouldn't be long before they plotted some way to escape.  That reminded me of that scene in El Dorado where Miguel and Tulio are trying to get out of the brig.  Automatically that led to picturing James and Sirius in the same scene, except they'd have limited material for their escape.  However, they would have eternity on their side, so here is Sirius proposing the following scenario:

"So we've got roughly forever, right?"
"So: we grow our hair out really long."
"And make rope!"
"Out of our hair."
"Of course!"
"Hmm... Well, I like the idea."

Just for the record, we came up with this before seeing Pirates of the Carribean which also has a joke about escaping using a rope made of human hair.  When that gag was said in the theatre, we both cracked up far more than was called for.