Professor McGonagall is one of those characters I never seem to get right. Here are my attempts, descending by age. Years are estimated based on style and dim recollection.

I've been trying for quite some time to design a McGonagall that I like.  I have a very very precise image of her in my head, which sometimes makes drawing her harder since whatever I draw conflicts with what I imagine, rather than filling in the holes.  Another major stumbling block is that I don't think there's a single character who looks more like I picture Professor McGonagall than Mrs. Tweedy from Chicken Run if Harry Potter was done by Aardman Studios, she would look exactly like that, in my mind.  Everything I draw pales in comparison, but these are a few of my attempts.

2005 - I drew this about the same time as the most recent Moody drawing ... and it's the closest so far.
2003 - The second closest – this one's nicely angular but there's a little too much Maggie Smith in it, I think.
2002 - After completing my animation course, I tried redesigning a bunch of characters (because I could draw better).
2001 - I did this in an attempt to make the design a bit more angular, which I thought fitting to the character.
2000 - Tried to make her more presentable by adding more body.
1999 - The first McGonagall to be presentable... far too realistic, and although she's described as having her hair tight back in a bun, it doesn't look good without a little volume.

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