He's not a misunderstood little boy who needs a hug – he's Draco Malfoy.
And yet, for some reason, so many girls go gaga for him. Did I miss something?

Mudballed - Draco is assailed by an invisible opponent on the hill of the Shrieking Shack.
Dirty Cheat - Malfoy tries to slow Harry down during a crucial Quidditch game.
A Meeting in the Woods - Our Intrepid Heroes run into their least favourite person after the Quidditch World Cup. I think the feeling is mutual.
Redesigned - Part of my campaign of redesigning in 2002, I tried to bring out the pointiness (often mentioned in the book but ignored by whoever cast the movie) and ended up just giving him a big nose.
Less Successful Redesign - More pointy, more snobbish, more poorly executed.
Draco & Co. - The mastermind and the hired muscle, an anti-trio.
- In the summer of 2000, I was beset by a Bad Drawing Day which turned into Bad Drawing Week-and-a-Half.  I decided that drawing something mocking my affliction would make it go away, so I drew Malfoy smirking and saying "Fancy you can draw, do you?  Doesn't look like it."  Lo and behold, it worked.
Getting Fitted - Draco gets his school robes and, apparently, his arms cut off. Try not to notice the miniscule feet ... this is a very early drawing.
First Successful Drawing - I'd been trying to draw Malfoy for a year and then, one day in my English class, this popped out of my pencil. (It was a good class for drawing, unfortunately that's not what it was for.)
Malfoy at 16 - Design probably inspired by one of the characters in a classmate's final film. I tried giving him a thicker neck to age him up a little, but I may have gone too far.
¤ Black Hat - Drawn in response to a friend's comment, re: her post-DH Snape story/comic, that Severus and Draco would fit right into a Western.
¤ Christmas Cracker - Snape and Draco pull a cracker. Look how much fun they're having!

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