I'm not going to dance around it: Lupin is my favourite. That's why there are nearly as many drawings of him as there are the 'stars,' even though he's really only in one book.* At least I am not alone in my feelings, so I know others will appreciate this abundance.

Peter Meets his 'Friends' - He can smile all he wants but Lupin will take more convincing than that. (I forgot his missing finger, I apologise...)


Lupin on the Train
- I tried to do Lupin asleep on the Hogwarts Express in the past, and thinking that with my increased experience and the benefit of life drawing, I'd be able to do a better one this time.  He's in just as awkward and uncomfortable a pose as he was before.  Drat.
Dangerous -
Lupin fends off the Dementors on the train ... 
Cool, Sir! - Dean Thomas congratulates Professor Lupin on his excellent gum wad expulsion skills.
Disgusting - Apparently the Wolfsbane potion is not exactly delicious.
Twisted Smile - "They call it... the Dementor's Kiss," he says with a 'twisted smile' a description that has always caught my imagination.  It's such an interesting moment, emotionally, if you look at all the things that must be going through his mind at that point.
The Map - Snape confronts Lupin about the mysterious insults that appear on the Marauder's Map when he tries to operate it. I love this whole scene. It makes me giddy thinking about it even now.
Relief - 'Well!' said Lupin, clapping his hands together and looking around cheerfully.  'That seems to clear that up!' One of the few drawings of Lupin smiling.
Victories - Lupin congratulates Harry on his Patronus ... and winning the Quidditch Cup, of course.
Philadelphia - The Professor walked to Black's side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.
Restraining Sirius - "...They need to understand We've got to explain "
"We can explain afterwards!" snarled Black, trying to throw Lupin off.

Goodbye, Peter - "Shall we kill him together?"    "Yes, I think so," said Lupin grimly. I imagine him sounding like Derek Jacobi here.
Full Moon - Really bad timing, there, moon. (But it's in full colour!)
Calm Resignation - I saw you coming," said Lupin, smiling.  He pointed to the parchment he had just been poring over.  It was the Marauder's Map. For some reason I find it hard to draw Lupin from the right.
Wry Smile - "This time tomorrow, the owls will start arriving from parents.... They will not want a werewolf teaching their children, Harry."
Passing the Torch - He hesitated, and then held out the Marauder's Map too.  "I am no longer your teacher, so I don't feel guilty about giving you back this as well." 
...And Then He Was Gone - Then, with a final nod to Harry and a swift smile, Lupin left the office.  Thus departs the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Harry's ever had ... 
¤ Remus Reading - Young Lupin tries to ignore James and Sirius bullying Snape by concentrating on his book.
Picket Lines - Protesting the recent lack of Lupiny goodness on the streets of damp, chilly Edinburgh. This doesn't actually have Lupin in it, but he's the object and I'm trying to make a point here.



On the Sidelines
- How did Lupin spend the majority of Order of the Phoenix? Well, had it been a movie, he may have looked like this...



Lupin 2002
- After graduating animation school I set about sprucing up the designs of some of my Potter characters. Here's Lupin.
With a Mug - The Lupin in my mind always seems to have a steaming mug in his hand. This was drawn to give the above design some three-dimensionality.
Cartoony Lupin - I had some fun doing a few Potter characters in a more cartoony style ... naturally, Lupin had to be one of them. Don't worry, I'm not switching for good.

2001 and before

The Wardrobe
- Neville is explaining that his worst fear is Professor Snape.  Lupin's smiling because 1) it says so in the book and 2) he's picturing dressing up his worst enemy in very unbefitting clothes.
Moony - Lupin as a wolf, though he must have taken the potion because he's not biting anything.
Peter's Plea - Patient and understanding as he may be, Lupin's not about to go soft on Pettigrew.
Asleep on the Train - When we first meet Lupin, he's catching a snooze on the Hogwarts Express. This is my first try at this scene... I tried again in 2004.
The Door - Lupin's terribly interesting expository dialogue is interrupted by a mysteriously opening door.
Sept. 11 - Not so much an illustration of Lupin, more how I felt by the time that day was drawing to a close.
Wolfsbane - Lupin's potion is delivered. Beneath the polite humility, is he secretly hiding a smug chuckle?
Confusion - Highly befuddled by the appearance of Potter, Black, and Pettigrew on the Marauder's Map time for a class reunion!  Sorry about the high compression on the jpeg.
Pitch Black - Remus takes part in a horrible visual pun.
Outed - An imagined scene where James and Sirius confront Remus when they figure out what he is.
The First - My first drawing of Lupin. I seem to recall drawing this on a rainy night to the accompaniment of Beethoven's 7th, third movement... But then, it's always raining whenever that music is on, no matter what the weather is like.
The Marauders' Photo Album - There are more pictures of Lupin in here.


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* Yes, he is technically in Order of the Phoenix but for how much 'screen' time he gets, he may as well be painted on the wallpaper.

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