If you came here looking for a database of every Potter site I've ever visited, I regret to inform you that it is highly unlikely you'll find it on this page.  Here is where collect links to sites I most enjoy surfing, whether they're Pottery or not.  Some are.  Most aren't.  Have fun, see where they take you!

This website, all content aside, is one of the coolest websites I've ever been to.  It is designed so amazingly well, it makes me feel like mine is something a 10-year-old put together in a weekend.  (No offense meant to any 10-year-olds who may have put their sites together in a weekend.)  On top of that, it's chock full of fantastic stuff, including a bio, answers to rumours, latest news, and all sorts of tricky puzzles and unexpected things that make the surfing more enjoyable.  And it's all written by Ms. Rowling herself!  Really!


There are almost as many Find-Your-House tests as there are fans.  But this test is the most scientific, most thorough, and least transparent one I have ever seen.  It was put together by a group of psychologists and actually places you in a house based on objective personality traits rather than whether or not you like spinach.  If you really want to know which house you'd be in, this is the closest you'll get without inventing a portal into fiction and trying on the sorting hat yourself.


The wonderful Nasubionna has put together this organization of fan artists who mostly stick to the material from the original books by Ms Rowling.  Some of my favourite Pottery fanart sites can be found through this listing, so giving a link to the extremely helpful index kills a dozen birds with one stone.


Many people have asked me where they can learn more about drawing this is the place.  There are oodles of extremely helpful tutorials, as well as a place to post your own work and have it critiqued by others. This forum is to Harry Potter fanart what Sugar Quill is to fan fiction.

Chances are you're familiar with Makani's artwork already, but I have to give her a plug because she is without doubt the best Harry Potter artist out there. Added to her phenomenal drawing and design skills, she has a wicked sense of humour and keen storytelling. Enjoy!



Mr. Greenholt is a professional animator and illustrator, and luckily for Potter fans, he's taken a stab at many of the characters in the books, the results of which you can find at the link above.  If you like what you see, take the time to explore the rest of his site, which has a lot more in the way of really wonderful drawings.

Amanda Grazini's site has some of the best Harry Potter artwork I have ever, ever seen.  It has more life, style, and character than mine, but unfortunately there's not quite as many drawings.  If you think I'm the epitome of Pottery artists, you absolutely must visit this site and have some sense knocked into you.


This is the official site from HarperCollins.  If you have any questions wait, let me rephrase that.  If you have basic questions such as "What's so unfortunate about the Series of Unfortunate Events?" and "How hard can it be to find Count Olaf's name in a word search?" this is the site for you.  If you have questions more along the lines of "What was Esme Squalor's maiden name?" and "If there's nothing out there, what was that noise?" then you had best pursue other avenues of investigation, a phrase which here means "look somewhere else, or possibly wait until all thirteen books are released."


I may have mentioned a couple times that I am an immense fan of the work of Mr. Helquist.  He is my absolute favourite illustrator of all time and one of the few people whose artwork I can stare at for hours on end.  Recently his portfolio site was updated and retrofitted to allow the humble masses to better appreciate his magnificent artwork... Thank you, Shannon Associates!


Mr. Kidby is one of the most amazing illustrators out there... It was because of his illustrations of the Discworld series that I didn't start drawing from it as soon as I read it, because there was no way on earth I was going to be able to even approach how perfectly he pictured the characters.  This man can DRAW.  And paint.  Oddly enough, the Paul Kidby page at L-Space (which I have linked) is better than his own official site.


This is where I get the vast majority of news abut the animation industry.  It's not an official source, but it's pretty good.  I don't know how many people who come to my site will be interested in it, but as I visit every day, I figured it's worth putting up.

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