Harry Potter

Yes, that world-famous wizard tyke we all know and love...
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Harry's speaking Parseltongue!  Of course, he doesn't know it yet, and neither do we, but he is anyway.  I like this snake, I think it really feels like a snake... Snakes are cool.  Literally.  Unless they're somewhere warm.  But I'm rambling.

Why does Hermione have so many books?  And what does she know about Lupin?  Poor Harry, always the last to know.  Well, not really.  Often the first to know.

Okay, let me just say, Harry is not supposed to be six in this picture.  He looks that way because I had a sudden realization that 12-year-olds look a lot younger than I remember them looking when I was twelve, so I may have pushed it a bit much here.  I was also trying to counter the scary trend I had going where Harry's face got  longer in every picture I drew, which I wanted to stop as soon as possible.  This is in the Chamber of Secrets, by the way, in case you couldn't tell.  I might colour this picture someday.


And here the trio meet their arch-nemesis in the woods outside the Quidditch World Cup stadium.  Harry looks slightly like Inspector Gadget here ... he used to look a lot more like him but I managed to fix him up a bit.

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