¤ May 2010

He Can Fly! - The inevitable gag sketch regarding Voldemort's hitherto unknown powers.
Hermione's Response to Everything - In times of crisis, the most well-rehearsed reflexes kick in. How many times has Hermione said this in the series?
¤ Ron the Hero - After leaping into a freezing cold forest pond he is justifiably miffed at Harry.
BatSnape - Ms Rowling kept describing Snape as 'an overgrown bat.' I have a problem with this description because I know what bats look like – roughly like this. Snape's long, lean, dour image does not jive with bathood. So I drew what Snape would look like if he did actually resemble a bat. (I got a little sidetracked and first ended up drawing a bat that looked like Snape...)
Bedside Reading - Hagrid says he's been reading to Aragog as he wastes away ... but he doesn't tell Harry what he was reading.
Bathilda Bagshot - She was surprisingly easy to draw.
Regulus - Forget Percy, Regulus is the family David Hyde Pierce.
Contemplating the Mark - An imagined scene in which Regulus comes home from getting his Dark Mark and contemplates it for a while. I know it's on the wrong arm; I could flop the image but ... meh. Looks good this way.
Kung-Fu Grandma - Neville's Gran kicks random Death Eater butt! Or face, in this case!
¤ King's Cross Limbo - Harry and Dumbledore have some one-on-one time in the afterlife
¤ The Dumbledore Family - As decribed in the book, and my impression thereof.
Snape's Breakdown - A thumbnail for Snape's breakdown in Dumbledore's office ... I love the intensity from an otherwise reserved character and how it's completely one-sided. This may become an actual illustration someday (don't hold your breath...) but I like the energy of the thumbnail.
Boy Snape - With his funny smock thing. I had this design in mind when I redesigned adult Snape; I hope they look like the same person.
Young Snape - Late teenage Snape, unfortunately drawn across the gutter of my sketchbook...
A Snape-Shaped Hole - I'm sorry, but you don't describe a character-shaped hole in a window without bringing to mind Warner Bros imagery, which kills all drama and seriousness. Silly Ms Rowling.


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