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Black's Photo - This is roughly how I imagined Sirius Black's picture in the Daily Prophet. But coloured in and blinking, of course.
Another Version - I drew the previous one first, then used it to design a younger Sirius, then decided the old one looked nothing like the young one so I redesigned this post-Azkaban Sirius from the younger one.
Harry Runs Away - ... and spots something lurking in the shadows of Magnolia Crescent...
Wedding Picture - This was intended to be the picture from the Potters' wedding that Harry has in his photo album.  Every time I look at it, I like it less and less, but I've never bothered to redraw it ...
Admonition - Arthur Weasley warns Harry not to seek out Black, though he conveniently forgets to tell him why he would want to.  Oddly enough, this pose is almost exactly duplicated in the movie, for a moment, just mirrored.

Asleep on the Train - Lupin, as we first meet him, asleep.  He really doesn't look that tired, with how this picture is shrunk down. 
Still Asleep - I thought that with my increased experience and the benefit of life drawing, I'd be able to do a better version this time.  He's in just as awkward and uncomfortable a pose as he was before.  Sigh.
Dementor - Grab the chocolate!  It's a dementor!  (Though it could also be an Auditor or a Ringwraith, if you squint and turn your head slightly.) Possibly the most boring Dementor design ever created.
Dangerous - Lupin fends off the Dementors on the train ... 
Snape Seethes - He's not happy about the choice of the new Defense teacher. The book says his face was 'twisted in loathing;' this ended up looking more like mere contempt.
Orange, Longbottom - Neville gets his potion wrong (again).
Death Omens - Professor Trelawney is distressed over Harry's teacup. She gets a bit worked up about these things. Not that the expression really makes that clear...
Cool, Sir! - Dean Thomas congratulates Professor Lupin on his excellent gum wad expulsion skills.
The Wardrobe - This was my second attempt at doing a computer-coloured foreground and background.  Neville is explaining that his worst fear is Professor Snape.  Lupin's smiling because 1) it says so in the book and 2) he's picturing dressing up his worst enemy in very unbefitting clothes.
Snape Boggart - ... and this is the result. Well done, Neville.
Seamus' Banshee - or beansidh, authentically, which means "female fairy" in Gaelic.  Her left hand is all squished because of the curve of the paper, I drew her right in the gutter of my sketchbook and it didn't scan well.
'Nasty Temper He Has ... that Sirius Black.' The Gryffindors find the Fat Lady's canvas slashed and Percy tries to maintain order.
Harry Eavesdrops - on the conversation Snape is trying to have with Dumbledore. This is the only conceivable way to shoot this scene, I mean really... though it's easier to fudge perspective in a drawing than on film
In Conference - Snape tries to have a discussion with Dumbledore but Percy won't go away. (Earlier version of the above scene)
Buckbeak - Gnawing on bones – isn't the the cutest thing? Really bad scan, I must warn you. Worse than usual, I mean.
Sodden Loser - Harry during the disastrous rainy Quidditch game against Ravenclaw. Very happy picture, yes? He looks a bit younger than thirteen here, but oh well.
Look down there! - Cho Chang points at the dementors on the pitch. Rather hideously resized, I'm afraid.
Grim at the Game - This is how I imagine "the Grim" appeared to Harry during his game against Ravenclaw, in the storm.  I like this sort of ominous, understated image better than the cloud-dog Harry sees in the movie, if only because it looks more real and ends up having a logical and touching explanation.
Harry, Sleeping - This is probably the time Harry falls off his broom, or has some sort of Dementor fit, or is in the hospital wing towards the end of the book.  Who knows, he tends to lose consciousness with his glasses on quite frequently.
RIP, Nimbus 2000 - Ron and Hermione deliver the bad news.
Grindylow - Somehow everything just clicked when I drew this picture ... Tadaa!  Creepy swamp thing!  I'm very proud of this one.
Wolfsbane - This is the delivery of the Wolfsbane potion. Lupin's face looks very strange to me. I've tried fixing it up at least a dozen times and it never works ...
Disgusting - Apparently the Wolfsbane potion is not exactly delicious. The drawing was more inspired by the line "Lupin pulled a wry face."
Too Many Books - Hermione's overstuffed bookbag sort of explodes. As someone who rarely used my locker all through middle school, I know this feeling well.
All for the Best - Ron called Professor McGonagall a lot of names that greatly annoyed Hermione; Hermione assumed an "all-for-the-best" expression that made Ron even angrier, and Harry had to endure everyone in class talking loudly and happily about what they were going to do first, once they got into Hogsmeade.
Handing Over the Legacy - "And what do I need with a bit of old parchment?" said Harry.
"A bit of old parchment!" said Fred, closing his eyes with a grimace as though Harry had mortally offended him.  "Explain, George."

Under Honeydukes - This is Harry, in a world of funky perspective, peeking up into Honeydukes from the tunnel end in the basement. 
"Definitely not." - Harry gives unexpected candy advice.
Happy Christmas - And what to their wondering eyes did appear, but a brand new Firebolt, which brought them great cheer.  
Christmas Morning Hermione - Hermione turns up in Harry and Ron's dormitory with Crookshanks on Christmas morning.
The Thirteenth Diner - Professor Trelawney sits at Christmas breakfast with great trepidation, as she makes the number of diners 13.
Don't Look at Me - ratted out Harry's Firebolt to McGonagall, who comes and confiscates it, much to Harry's chagrin, and Hermione goes beet red behind her upside down book.
Difficulty with Dementors - Harry has an emotional moment during his anti-Dementor lessons, and tries to hide it by pretending to do up his shoe.
Twisted Smile - "They call it... the Dementor's Kiss," he says with a 'twisted smile' a description that has always caught my imagination.  It's such an interesting moment, emotionally, if you look at all the things that must be going through his mind at that point.
It's Gone Foggy - Ron in Divination, getting a lot of interference in his signal from the future. 
Hermione Doesn't Like Divination - This is immediately preceding her abandonment of the classroom, the class, and that loopy Professor Trelawney.

Home from Practise - This is the first in a long line of pictures that looked far better in the thumbnail  version.  This is supposed to be Harry and Ron walking away from the Quidditch  practice with the Firebolt, when they see Crookshanks again.

"I mean, do they have to eat it, or...?" Neville interrupts Harry on his way to sneak into  Hogsmeade to ask about his vampire essay, and the logic  behind the whole garlic thing.  
The Shrieking Shack - I drew this one during an English class.  I think the house looks too North American, though. Need reference for what would be called a 'shack' in Scotland.
Fun with Invisibility - Malfoy gets a headful of mud – he asked for it.
"Very haunted up here, isn't it?" said Ron, with the air of one commenting on the weather.
Incriminating Evidence - Ron discovers the alleged death of his dear faithful companion Scabbers...
Making the Charge - ... and confronts Hermione about the evidence of Crookshanks's malfeasance... 

With a Cutting Remark - This was actually drawn more as an illustration of how I felt at the time than a specific part of the book, but it fits any part when Hermione is getting down on Ron after Scabbers dies/disappears.
Neville's Bunny Suit - When McGonagall demands to know which abysmally foolish person left a list of the week's passwords lying around, 
Neville raises his hand and trembles "from head to fluffy-
slippered toes."   In my mind they started out as fluffy, then became bunny slippers, and then somehow the bunny got translated to Neville's pajamas ... and this is what happened.
Snape Confronts Harry - ... he bent down, a hand on each arm of Harry's chair, so that their faces were a foot apart.  'If your head was in Hogsmeade, so was the rest of you.' 
Trial By Fire - 'Surely you don't need such a very old piece of parchment?' he said.  'Why don't I just ... throw this away?' His hand moved toward the fire.
Let's Bring Lupin Into It - Snape pointed at the parchment, on which the words of Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs were still shining.  An odd, closed expression appeared on Lupin's face.
'Well?' said Snape. 
And, later ... 'You don't think it more likely that he got it directly from the manufacturers?' This scene is so much better when you've read the book through once before.
Relief - 'Well!' said Lupin, clapping his hands together and looking around cheerfully.  'That seems to clear that up!' One of the few drawings of Lupin smiling.
Dirty Cheating Scoundrel - Malfoy tries to impede Harry's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Firebolt in an annoyingly low-tech way.
Victories - Lupin congratulates Harry on his Patronus ... and winning the Quidditch Cup, of course.
Bear Hug - Hagrid's been drinking out of that oversized tankard again, and he is very grateful to Harry and Ron for agreeing to help him with his case against the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures.
Surprise Hug - Hermione ambushes Ron with a hug .. I think this is after he offers to help with Buckbeak's case but I'm not quite sure of the context.
Bluffing Divination - Harry sees... umm... a ... hippogriff?  One could argue that the final exam is not the best place to practise his bluffing-through-Divination skills, but he ends up being more or less right anyway. (Scale issues, I know.)
Walden McNair - executioner for the Department of Magical Creatures, and "coincidentally" one of Mr. Malfoy's ... er ... friends.
Pounce - Sirius (as a dog, of course) knocks Harry down in an attempt to get at Scabbers.
the staging of this picture was probably most influenced by Calvin & Hobbes, and the way Hobbes would tackle Calvin when he got home from school.  But I'm no Bill Watterson so this is a little less fluid and brilliant.
The Whomping Willow - looking deceptively innocent.
Down the Rabbit Hole - Harry sees Crookshanks's bottlebrush tail disappear around a corner in the low, mysterious tunnel under the Whomping Willow.
"He's the dog... he's an Animagus..." - I'm sure Ron's foot is supposed to be at a much odder angle than this, but ... too late.
Oh no, Sirius Black! - From the previous shot, pan left and AAAAAH!  IT'S THE CRAZY MAN BEHIND THE DOOR AND HE'S POINTING HIS WAND AT YOU!
Harry Lunges - Boy, it's a good thing Ron and Hermione are there, otherwise Harry would be going totally berserk!

Fight! - And ... Harry goes totally berserk.  I shaded this one because it was just a mess of lines without delineating where the basic shapes were. This was actually really fun to draw.
Sirius Down - "Going to kill me, Harry?"
Yes, Sirius does actually get a nosebleed.  It says so in the book.  That is not gratuitous hemorrhaging.  
Feline Shield - Crookshanks leaps to the defense of his friend.
Lupin and the Map - This happens 'offscreen' as it were. When Lupin looks at the Marauder's Map in his office, and sees Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, a Potter, and himself, imagine how very confusing that would be. Class reunion!
Philadelphia - The Professor walked to Black's side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.
Sirius' Relief - Black ... suddenly crossed to the four-poster bed and sank onto it, his face hidden in one shaking hand.  Crookshanks leapt up beside him and stepped onto his lap, purring. Anyone who owns a cat knows that Crookshanks probably just wanted to be fed.
The Door - The door to the room in the Shrieking Shack opens "by itself." We find out, of course, that it definitely did not open by itself, which makes that part a lot more exciting the second time through.
Restraining Sirius - "...They need to understand We've got to explain "
"We can explain afterwards!" snarled Black, trying to throw Lupin off.

Snape Revealed! - "That's right," sneered a cold voice from the wall behind Lupin.  Severus Snape was pulling off the Invisibility Cloak, his wand pointing directly at Lupin.
Hermione's Trepidation - "We attacked a teacher
. . . . we attacked a teacher . . .," Hermione whimpered, staring at the lifeless Snape with frightened eyes.  "Oh, we're going to be in so much trouble "
For some reason I always pictured Hermione doing a sort of mincing tiptoe potty-dance when she said this, though I couldn't figure out a way of effectively communicating this in the still drawing so she's just sort of lamely standing there.
¤ Peter Meets his 'Friends' - He can smile all he wants but they'll take more convincing than that. (I forgot his missing finger, I apologise...)
Peter Begs for Mercy - ... but he's gone to the wrong people for that.
Goodbye, Peter - "Shall we kill him together?"    "Yes, I think so," said Lupin grimly.
Peter Begs Ron -  ...Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.  "I let you sleep in my bed!" he said. 
Peter Begs Harry - "Get off me!"
Reunited - Sirius invites Harry to move in with him, and Harry agrees. Black's face broke into the first true smile Harry had seen upon it.
Full Moon - Really bad timing, there, moon. (But it's in full colour!) If you want to see how I put this together, go here.
Pettigrew's Escape - Pettigrew had transformed.  Harry saw his bald tail whip through the manacle on Ron's outstretched arm and heard a scurrying through the grass.
Dementor Unhooded - Here we have a fine example of a Dementor which is not remotely frightening.
Quiet in Hospital - Hermione shushes Harry so that they can listen to the infuriating conversation between Snape and Cornelius Fudge outside the hospital wing.  
DumbleTime - "I am going to lock you in.  It is " he consulted his watch, 
"five minutes to midnight.  Miss Granger, three turns should 
do it.  Good luck."

In the Broom Closet - Hermione sat down on an upturned bucket, looking desperately anxious... "Harry, I don't understand what Dumbledore wants us to do."  The various parts of this illustration are broken down here.
Buckbeak's Rescue - I vastly prefer the design of Buckbeak in the movie.  Except for the front legs, which drove me bonkers because they weren't built like bird legs. But that's another matter.  My Buckbeak looks like he was designed by someone with no imagination.
Escape Bid - Buckbeak strained against the rope, trying to get back to Hagrid. Yeah, I drew a chain. Should've checked. Hermione's supposed to be there too.
Enter the Dementors - Sirius is surrounded by dementors at the lake ... uh oh.
Springing Sirius - Harry and Hermione make their bold rescue of Sirius.  This was more than a little inspired by the American cover of the book (which, naturally, was the first impression I ever got of the thing) but logistically it's impossible to have Buckbeak right up parallel to the building and still have room for his wings to flap.  This always bugged me when reading the book so I turned him slightly here.
Astonished - "How how ?" said Black weakly, staring at the hippogriff. I still really like this one. Somewhere I have a half-finished colour version ...
Sneaking Back - They flattened themselves against the wall and listened.  It sounded like Fudge and Snape.  ... [Harry] caught a glimpse of Snape's smirk as he and Fudge passed [their] hiding place.

Mission Accomplished - Harry and Hermione report back to Dumbledore after having freed Buckbeak and Sirius.
Disturbance Upstairs - ...they heard a distant roar of fury echoing from somewhere above them.... Madam Pomfrey and her "boulder" of chocolate... though it's not so big in this picture.  Maybe this is all that's left after a dementor-filled year.
Snape Freaks Out! - Dumbledore alone looked calm.  Indeed, he looked as though he was quite enjoying himself.  Fudge appeared angry.  But Snape was beside himself. "OUT WITH IT, POTTER!" he bellowed.  "WHAT DID YOU DO?"  Snape is so much fun when he talks in all-caps... 
Snape's Accusation - "THEY HELPED HIM ESCAPE, I KNOW IT!" Snape howled, pointing at Harry and Hermione.  His face was twisted; spit was flying from his mouth.
The really aggravating part is that he's right ...
Seething - Snape stood there, seething, staring from Fudge, who looked thoroughly shocked at his behaviour, to Dumbledore, whose eyes were twinkling behind his glasses.
Calm Resignation - I saw you coming," said Lupin, smiling.  He pointed to the parchment he had just been poring over.  It was the Marauder's Map. For some reason I find it hard to draw Lupin from the right.
Wry Smile - "This time tomorrow, the owls will start arriving from parents.... They will not want a werewolf teaching their children, Harry."
Passing the Torch - He hesitated, and then held out the Marauder's Map too.  "I am no longer your teacher, so I don't feel guilty about giving you back this as well." 
...And Then He Was Gone - Then, with a final nod to Harry and a swift smile, Lupin left the office.  Thus departs the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Harry's ever had ... 
Downcast - Dumbledore comes to talk to Harry after Lupin leaves.
Welcome Pigwidgeon - Harry turned to look outside.  Something small and grey was bobbing in and out of sight beyond the glass. 

. . .

While reading, I'd make a quick sketch of the picture I had in mind.  Then, at a later date, I could go back and be reminded of how I saw that particular scene, and do a nice version.  Since I refer to them frequently, and since some of the drawings were better in thumbnail form, I thought I ought to let interested parties take a look. They're kind of crummy scans, and they're on all different sizes of paper.
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