Welcome to one of my largest updates ever!  It will be arriving in installments, so be sure to check back.

Most of this will consist of drawings from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I wish I could put them in chronological order but often they just don't fit together that way.  I'll try my best. These were drawn in an attempt to record, as best and as thoroughly as I could, how I saw Azkaban before the movie came out and possibly tainted my image.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get them all done before the movie, but I did do all the thumbnails (little tiny five-second sketches) to remind me.  They will be drawn!

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Starting with my favourite of the new batch ... Harry!  I think this is now the closest to how I picture him, and a lot more interesting besides.  This is when he spots something lurking in the shadows of Magnolia Crescent...

Arthur Weasley warns Harry not to go looking for Black, though he conveniently forgets to tell him why he would want to seek him out.  Oddly enough, this pose is almost exactly duplicated in the movie, for a moment, just flopped.  This is the first example of the new robe design I'm experimenting with, as it absolutely could not get more boring than what I had before.

Hermione has gone in for a redesign, too, though with this one I'm afraid it's rather obvious that I have the front cover of the 2004 Snicket Calendar as my desktop and stare at it far too much.

Far, FAR too much.

But ... it's the Amazing Mr. Helquist!  You may be able to detect signs of this admiration in some of my more recent drawings... or all of them... 

Ron also got a makeover.  As soon as I finished this one, I decided it wasn't pushed enough and did this:

... which is much more appealing, I think.  And more Ron.  And more 13.

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All images 2004 Tealin